WAAG SOCIETY I The Netherlands

Waag Society is a Dutch institute for Art, Science and Technology. The organisation aims to develop creative technology for social innovation through its six thematic labs. Waag Society has one of the oldest and largest independent Media Labs in Europe and is linked, both locally, nationally and internationally to a large network of people and organisations in the scientific and artistic community.

Founded in 1994, Waag Society has its roots in the Digital City (1994): the first online Internet community in the Netherlands, which aimed to make the Internet available for the public.Waag Society has a long-standing, international experience in community building, design and technical development in innovative and avant-garde projects and has developed several ground-breaking prototypes and applications. Its projects have won numerous prizes for their visionary perception of the technological needs in society. Waag Society is a key European player in the area of social innovation and participates in a multitude of projects in this area. Additionally, Waag Society has been active in the field of healthy ageing programs focusing on i.e. technical infrastructures, living lab possibilities and community engagement. In all its projects, Waag Society relies on the Users as Designers, a design philosophy where artists, creatives and users have a strong influence on the final results.

Nowadays new technologies are to be explored and made usable, such as 4K, RFID, Augmented Reality, 3-D printing and new forms of gaming, participation and distributed cooperation. With its long standing, international experience in community building and managing innovative and avant-garde projects WAAG has developed several groundbreaking prototypes and applications in (inter)national projects and programs.

Official website: www.waag.org/en

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