The Institute for Environmental Planning and Spatial Development (ifuplan) provides numerous services related to environmental, land resource and nature conservation planning. In addition to these planning tasks the SME also engages in research projects, environmental reporting and data analyses. In these terms ifuplan is working on the edge between applied research and practical implementation.

Currently ifuplan employs about 14 specialists with a background in landscape planning, geography, biology and forestry. Numerous other experts are contracted in for individual projects to complement the expertise of our permanent staff.

Ifuplan is equipped with about 16 high level computers, scanners, printing station. The technical capacities for processing, analysing and presenting findings include statistics software, 4 licenses for geographical information system (ArcGIS 10) and licendes for ArcView with several extensions and a separate plotting station plus various graphics and dtp programs.

Official website: www.ifuplan.de

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