HAS HOGESCHOOL I The Netherlands

HAS offers a wide range of advice, training and facilities to the business community. They own 5 pilot plants in the fields of food development, food design and food safety (diary, fruits &vegetables, bread, meat, brewery) as well as greenhouse and urban farming; garden & landscape management and Geo, media & design (GMD) facilities.

The pilot plants can be used for sample analysis, product- and concept development, proto-typing, test runs and the production of 0-series. Key words for the pilot scale equipment in the Food Processing Hall are: coating; extrusion; heat treatments; evaporation; drying; gaspackaging and membrane filtration.

In the Technology Hall there is equipment available for the measurement of air quality; milk quality; durable energy sources; drinkwater systems and climate.
Within the field of food R&D, product development on a kitchen scale is possible, with a special focus on sensory research, physical/chemical research and microbological research.
Within the field of biotechnology, there is high quality equipment for research of fermentation; reactor processes and enzymatical processes.
Within the field of Garden & Landscape management they focus on urban green areas and on realization, maintenance and management of green outdoor spaces and new functionalities.

Official website: https://www.hashogeschool.nl/

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