European Quality Institute Srl (EQI) works in the field of Quality Certification on materials, products and processes. EQI is a Notified Body according to the requirements of EN 45011 for the EU Directive 2004/108/EC - EMC (electromagnetic compatibility).

EQI has a strong competences on controls, measurements and testing activity; mechanical, safety, compatibility and acoustics tests to obtain certifications, authorizations, statements and certificates. Moreover, EQI provides assistance, inspections and training activity of analysis and technical evaluation of products compliance to compulsory standards, laws, directives and rules in order to obtain certifications and a marks for the most important foreign markets. CE Mark: identification of rules to be applied, selection of the most efficient marking procedure, preparation of tables and indices of risk, drafting the instructions, use and maintenance handbooks of the equipment, assistance to audits and inspections of compliance by the certifying body.

Test laboratory accredited by ACCREDIA LAB no. 0079, which operates in accordance to ISO/IEC 17025 requirements. EQI has infrastructure and equipment for:

- environmental tests on accelerated ageing and corrosion
- laboratory tests in the realm of electrical safety (EC Directive LVD) for the purpose of applying CE marking on the product
- electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC) for the purpose of applying CE and FCC marking on the product
- preparation of technical file necessary to the CE Mark of Compliance (Machines Directive, Low Voltage Directive, and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive)
- preparation of the Use and Maintenance Manual in accordance to the applicable Directives testing activities for Certifications as per UL standard (North-American market)

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