Here you can find all project research results, reports and other outcomes, organised on the basis of the five main axes of research and innovation:

European environmental policy and elderly citizens (WP2)

Scientific Paper on European policies for the protection of elderly human rights in urban areas (M18)
Greener urban areas for more active citizens
A report to compare different policy approaches (M36)
Scientific paper on economic model (M40)
Report on best practices (M40)

Green Building for elderly. Population dynamics and new architectures (WP3)

Guidelines to develop an innovative certification (M36)
Scientific paper on Green procurement (M24)
Scientific paper on legal and financial aspects of contracts (M24)
Best practices in green & grey buildings
Report on best practice on green & grey community (M36)

Resource efficiency within the cities: the opportunities of local food supply and urban agriculture (WP4)

Report on the taxonomy of sustainable food (M24)
Scientific paper on sustainable food and gastronomic cities (M36)
Scientific paper on legal discipline of urban agriculture (M36)
Scientific paper on social farming for elderly (M36)
Report on spatial planning (M36)

Information and language technology for green and healthy behaviour in cities (WP5)

Report on data collection mobility patterns (M36)
Report of analysis of data mobility patterns (M47)
Report on data collection of social media (M36)
Report of analysis of data on social media (M47)
Report on apps for navigation in cities (M36
Report on focus group (M47) 
Report on user needs on active ageing (M36) 
Data analysis visualization (M47)

Europe as a global actor in green and grey business (WP6)

Report on past and ongoing European projects (M24)
Report on best practice at firm level on active ageing/green solution (M40)
Report on policies to be developed at European level for tackling ageing and urbanisation challenges, fostering urban sustainability (M40)