Sunday, 06 August 2017 13:48

How can energy and technology facilitate the lives of elderly?

How can energy and technology facilitate the lives of elderly? How do they improve their quality of life? How do active local communities contribute to active ageing? How does sound waterwater management make a difference in daily lives of citizens?

EU project GRAGE was presented in the frame of a discussion on "Active Ageing: Energy & Technology for Better Quality of Life" organised with the collaboration of local authorities, academic and business partners, EU projects and civil society representatives from Greece, UK and allover Europe!

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Opening Addresses 11:00-11:20
Mr. Georgios Ntasiotis I Mayor of Aliartos-Thespieon
Mr. Odysseas Karvounis I President of Association To Koinon ton Voioton 

Interventions 11:20-12:00
Dr. Aggelos Zacharopoulos I Lecturer at Ulster University in Northern Ireland, UK
Mr. Kyriakos Lingas I Senior Knowledge Manager at Militos Consulting S.A.

Co-organised by the Municipality of Aliartos-Thespieon, Ulster University, The community of Boeotians for Culture and the Environment
In the frame of EU H2020-MSCA project GRAGE Grey & Green in Europe - Elderly Living in Urban Areas
In collaboration with Militos Consulting S.A. 

Gifts were distributed for free by draw:
2 folding, non-slip adjustable canes with built-in LED lights
2 wireless patient alert alarm system kits for elderly safety


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