Monday, 20 June 2016 09:08

GRAGE researchers pilot the I-Skills e-assessment tool in Athens (Greece)

Building synergies between EU projects. GRAGE project researchers from the University of Macerata in Italy and the University of Oulu in Finland seconded at Militos Consulting S.A. in Athens during June 2016, participated at the pilot workshop held in the frame of EU project I-Skills on the training of innovation skills of PhDs in view of increasing their employability in SME while fostering transfer of knowledge and innovation in the marketplace.
The seconded researchers, nationals of Italy, Greece and Portugal, participated in the interactive discussion with professors of Greek Universities, PhD students as well as business representatives on the project topic sharing views on the employment and employability of academics to the marketplace: their challenges and potential, concluding that stronger links between the two "worlds" are needed. The researchers played the 5 interactive scenarios in 3D environment for testing their innovations skills and registered their feedback for the improvement of the i-Skills e-assessment tool. 

More information on the project at More photos here.

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