Thursday, 05 May 2016 11:05

Eureka Programme: International Student Competition in Macerata (Italy)

In the last few years, the University of Macerata (UNIMC), GRAGE project leader, has carried out several programmes and projects to boost local development. One of these, has been the URBACT "Gastronomic Cities" project :

During the project, through the involvement of students, international scholars and local stakeholders, a local action plan for the promotion and development of this rural area has been created. In this frame, the International Student Competition is an event among students or teams of students within a classroom, or across different schools and across geographical regions competing for a prize. Students are the protagonists while education, enjoyment, creativity and skills play a fundamental role.

Specifically, the objectives that will are sought to be achieved are as follows:

  • Discovering linkages between gastronomy, events and place branding
  • Understanding the potential of food and gastronomy for sustainable development
  • Developing skills for destination management challenges
  • Understanding the potential of ICT for place branding activities
  • Discovering Italian culture, lifestyle and gastronomy

Moreover, two guest lecturers will be speaking on Food Tourism Clusters and Food Events for Foodies!

More photos available here.

International Competition Macerata 1



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